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RE: killing the result of isearch

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: killing the result of isearch
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2017 07:26:32 -0800 (PST)

> > So doesn't searching-and-replace with an empty replacement work?
> It works to accomplish the same result but it takes many more step as I
> wrote earlier:
> isearch string
> isearch-query-replace
> (replace with nothing)
> The problem with emacs and searches, is that you only search, you don't
> *find*, as in the action of searching does not result in an object that you
> can act upon. Which defeats the purpose of searching.

It does result in an object you can act upon, if you want
that.  Isearch+ gives you that possibility, including the
possibility of setting the region on that object.

> A simple "search" does nothing but put the point at the end of the match.
> it is nice to navigate the document but it does nothing about the match.
> isearch is even more treacherous since it makes it look like you are
> finding something, when actually you have also just moved the point in the
> buffer and nothing more.
> A simple "search" should at least be able to create a region on the match,
> it doesn't even do that.

Have you actually tried Isearch+?  As I mentioned, I think
it offers what you're requesting.

As for those who propose query-replace as a substitute for
acting on search hits during Isearch:

* q-r is OK for replacing, but that's the only action it knows

* q-r is one-directional, and not embedded in Isearch: The
  search pattern and replacement patterns are fixed, once
  and for all.

The search-hit replacement (or other action) provided by
Isearch+ is on-demand, and you can change what it acts
on (search pattern, hence search hits) and the replacement
text at any time.

Q-r is nice, and it's good you can invoke it from Isearch,
but it is not the same thing as on-demand replacement
during search.

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