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Re: killing the result of isearch

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: killing the result of isearch
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 11:50:31 -0700
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Jean-Christophe Helary wrote:
> > Bob Proulx wrote:
> > You might give Isearch+ a try and report back with your experiences with it.
> Not before I've convinced myself that it's the only solution left :)

:-)  I applaud you sticking to it.  I understand the sentiment to
limit the customization.

> > I think here there is a misunderstanding.  "C-s party M-% RET" will
> > search for "party" and then delete it.
> Ok, you mean: "C-s party M-% RET ." (the period is omitted here but
> you put it later in your reply and I could not get the right result
> without it.

Oops.  Yes.  Need the '.' there.  It is hard for me to transcribe
interactive commands that I type reflexively without thought into
documentation.  I miss things that I type without thinking about

But on the plus side those things do not limit me either.  The ones
that frustrate me are the tedious ones that I can't type in.  (For
example C-M-% from an ssh text terminal.)

> That works, but that's still a lot more keys than something like:
> C-s party (some key to indicate that the target is the matching string) delete

Agreed.  But as I had said before language shapes the way you think.
Since that hasn't been an editor capability for me I haven't been
thinking I wanted to do it in exactly that way.

Also the "other" editor vi/vim doesn't have a paradigm for it either.
In those I would have the point at the start of the match and would
likely "dw" (delete word forward), or count up and day 5dw to delete
five words forward, until I had deleted what I wanted to delete.

To be honest most of the time in emacs I would search to the end of
the string I want to delete.  Then I would put my left thumb on Alt
and press Backspace for M-DEL and delete words backward until I had
deleted what I wanted to delete.  It hasn't been one of the things I
have wanted to speed up.  (I do have one of those.  I'll post that in
a different thread.)

> Which is also a lot more keys than:
> C-something party delete (where "something" would call a "catch a match" 
> thingy)

For me I use isearch for navigation *all of the time* and I count on
leaving the mark behind at the previous location.  Then depending upon
what I want I can either C-SPC to pop the mark or C-x C-x to exchange
the point and mark, either way, and return to the previous location.
Setting the mark at the beginning of the match would get in the way
for me.  I could possibly live with it as an additional mark and get
used to typing in C-SPC an additional time.

[[Aside: Except on Android I haven't found a way to enter C-SPC.  It
seems to be a missing capability.  Frustrates me every time I try to
use Android as a terminal.]]

> > Hope this helps! :-)
> It did, but I'm not yet where I want to be :-)

I think in the end you will want/need some custom elisp that creates
this behavior for you.  That is part of the joy of emacs.  Being able
to customize and extend it.  Just don't mess it up for the rest of us! :-)

> But I'm slowly getting there. It looks like this "catch a match"
> properly implemented as not conflicting with the current behavior
> would be a nice addition to (at least my) emacs.

Go for it!


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