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[Help-gnu-radius] Next question with CHAP

From: Sergei Nesterkov
Subject: [Help-gnu-radius] Next question with CHAP
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 17:49:17 +0600

Thank you, Sergey!
Previous question was
I have next question.
I can't properly read CHAP-Password attribute in my program via argv[]
mechanism. It happenes because of first simbol (CHAP ID) in this parameter
is 0x00, I think.

raddb/users file:
#------------------------- start -----------------------------------
qq      Auth-Type = Local,
                Password = "qq",
                Simultaneous-Use = 10
                Exec-Program = "/usr/home/bear/prog/radcond/auth \
                        %C{User-Name:=0} \
                        %C{CHAP-Password:=0} \
        Service-Type = Framed-User,
                Framed-Protocol = PPP
#-------------------------- end ------------------------------------

Radius attributes (I print them from radutil.c but only 16 bytes)
User-Name: qq
CHAP-Password: 00 5a 82 26 c6 74 3b 4a ee 9f de 52 04 dc 19 08
CHAP-Challenge: 57 05 a8 4c a5 e7 2c ac 98 8c d7 f6 fc 5a c2 01

My application attributes (I print them in %s format)
argv[1]: qq
argv[2]: \xf1^\^Q^\!^ViD>\xe1E\xc2\xd5\xa0c\x8dD
argv[3]: W^E\xa8L\xa5\xe7,\xac\x98\x8c\xd7\xf6\xfcZ\xc2^A

argv[2] and CHAP-Password not the same!

Do you have any ideas?

Sergei Nesterkov

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