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[Help-gnu-radius] dumb question regarding accounting information.. getti

From: D. Switzer
Subject: [Help-gnu-radius] dumb question regarding accounting information.. getting 2 entries, i *think* i know why...
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:37:49 -0400 (EDT)

Sorry if this is amazingly stupid, buuuuuttttttt..

Basically I have this project that required nationwide dial, so we
found some folks that basically partner w/ bigger people, then resell
to us.. and they proxy authing to us.

Everything works great, but I get 2 entries for each accounting event.

I think the reason is, my local radius is accounting, plus I'm recieving
accounting info from the people proxying requests to us.  The reason
I think this is, the entries are basically identical, except one has
just the username (the realm stripped), and one doesn't.. and I know
the people who proxy to us don't strip the realm for the accounting

Is this logical? I can't figure out a good way to confirm this.  I
haven't decided if I want to keep both bits of info or not, but
would like to know how to correct this situation, if that's the

Any suggestions?

David E. Switzer                                address@hidden

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