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[Help-gnu-radius] MySQL Accounting

From: Dave Ellenberger
Subject: [Help-gnu-radius] MySQL Accounting
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 14:21:45 +0100


I would like to have NAS-Port-Type logged in MySQL Accounting, so I simply


in raddb/sqlserver and updated the table with the new row. It works, but the
SQL syntax is adding the value number, but not the type name. For exampe I
have now "0" "1" and "5" in the rows - I would like to have "ADSL"

My dictionnary file looks OK, the replies "could" be understand by radius

ATTRIBUTE       NAS-Port-Type           61      integer - []

VALUE           NAS-Port-Type           Async                   0
VALUE           NAS-Port-Type           Sync                    1
VALUE           NAS-Port-Type           ISDN                    2
VALUE           NAS-Port-Type           ISDN-V120               3
VALUE           NAS-Port-Type           ISDN-V110               4
VALUE           NAS-Port-Type           xDSL                    5

Does anyone have an idea how I get "xDSL" instead of "5" in the MySQL DB?

I'm pretty sure this is much too simple so I can't see the way solve this ;-)


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