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Re: [Help-gnu-radius] Re: not getting acct info for portmasters

From: Scott Lambert
Subject: Re: [Help-gnu-radius] Re: not getting acct info for portmasters
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 03:26:14 -0500
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> > Scott Lambert <address@hidden> wrote:
> I switched to gnu radius for new features, not because I am new to
> this stuff. :-) Like I said, I hadn't had a chance to do any debugging
> yet.  I just wanted to let Mr. Laflamme know that I was seeing the same
> symptoms on gnu radius 1.3 as he was.

The moral of the story is, check the work of the admin who setup the
portmasters originally.  It hadn't crossed my mind that he would
configure both authentication server slots and leave the second
accounting server field blank.

After several minutes of :
 set accounting 2 {second radius server IP}

I now have accounting data from the portmasters.  He setup the cisco's
and the patton correctly.  I have no idea what he was smoking when he
setup the portmasters.

Scott Lambert                    KC5MLE                       Unix SysAdmin

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