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Dad's helper d3LtB

From: Sally
Subject: Dad's helper d3LtB
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 16:45:09 -0580




Pix It Up - The Best Scoop on the Planet has been professionally designed to eliminate the need for you to ever touch dog waste again.  And, with the easy to adjust handle, the length is expandable from 28" to 42", simply twist the handle to lock and un-lock.  Additionally, our biodegradable bag provides an environmentally sound treatment for pet waste.

A GREAT deal at only $24.95 for the tool and 100 biodegradable bags.

To Order NOW click here > Keeps "IT" Out Of Your Hands!

                Pix It Up is a total pet refuse removal system

                Pix It Up keeps your hands from touching "IT"

                Pix It Up tool never gets dirty

                Pix It Up lightweight construction for effortless portability

                Pix It Up adjustable cam lock handle provides multiple length

                              & nbsp;     selection from 27" to 42"

                Pix It Up is collapsible for use while walking your dog

                Pix It Up biodegradable bag is a responsible method of pet waste

                              & nbsp;     removal

                Pix It Up biodegradable bag size holds multiple droppings

                Pix It Up tool design gives easy bag on/off functionality


*Get it NOW! Special Introductory Price is Only $24.95 each!*

*OR Get Two For Only $40.00 *

  This offer is good for the NEXT 48 HOURS ONLY then it is available for $29.95, which is the normal retail price. Order today and save $$$!

  To Order NOW click here => Keep "IT" Out of Your Hands!


Please Click Here to be removed from the purchased new product mailing list. 

We apologize for any inconvenience.


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