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Now Online, The USA Green Card Lottery Program

From: green-card-us6533l72
Subject: Now Online, The USA Green Card Lottery Program
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 04:09:28 -0100

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Dear email reader,

The 'American Green Card' allows you to live and work in the United States of America, We invite you to participate in the American Green Card Lottery. If you are not an American Citizen yet, you should enter now for your opportunity to win a Green Card through the Congress approved, official American Green Card lottery program.

Click here to Learn more

*** Do you qualify? ***
We estimate that about 80% of the world's people qualify to win a green card to the United States. How would you know if you can take part in this program? Easy! Take the 3 question quiz and check if you can participate - Click Here For Quiz

*** Important Information! ***
According to the USA Immigration Offices out of the 13 million applications sent, 3 Million were disqualified because of bad formatting, lacking information, wrong addressing and other misinterpretation of the requirements. We help you participate and ensure your application meets requirements and eliminates risk of disqualifying for technical reasons.

*** What's the participation cost? ***
Nothing. Participation for the
US Green Card Lottery Program is free. We allow you to register online and ensure your application qualifies for  a small fee. Our experts will check your application and make sure it has no errors. We also ensure your application is sent to the correct Governmental Immigration Department address on time. Our service ensure your Green Card Lottery Application Qualifies. Get Your Green Card

Thank you for taking the time to read through this e-mail.



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