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A Makefile question

From: zuheyr
Subject: A Makefile question
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 08:33:29 +0200


I am using GNU make. I want to find a good solution to the following:

There is a main directory with sources and this is the manager directory.
There are different users which have different applications, a copy of
library_users.f which differes for everybody. There are say 5-6 such

In the manager directory there are different libraries for each
The manager compiles the files in the manager directory. But depending on
which user will link afterwards he has to choose a library.

Each user has to compile his copy of library_users.f and link with the
in the main (manager) directory.
The problem is once the manager compiles the objects in the manager
directory, for a given application by using a library specific to that
if any other user tries to compile and link his sources. It will link with
the wrong objects.

I also want to save the objects created in the manager directory for a given
into a subdirectory.

I tried separating the targets for each application and put copy_to and
copy_from commands:

wing:   $(RADIALGEO) $(MULTI) $(PEN) $(PERTURB) $(GA) $(MAKEDB)  \
 $(WING_GEO)  $(GA2ANN) $(READ_DB) $(WGAIN) $(EVAL_DOE) select copy_from

But I cannot specify the order they are executed. It copies_from, correctly,
but then copies_back before
the builts are made.

Can you please help me?

Many thanks and best regards.

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