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Makefile -- Evaluate dependencies in order, don't consider it prerequis

From: Chess Saurus
Subject: Makefile -- Evaluate dependencies in order, don't consider it prerequisite?
Date: 13 Jul 2004 10:58:24 -0700

I have a Makefile that looks like this:

  apple.file : orange banana pineapple
      @echo "Apple"

  orange : orange.file
      @echo "Orange"

  banana : 
      @echo "Banana"

  pineapple : pineapple.file
      @echo "Pineapple"

What I want is for gmake to to process all of the prerequisites in
order, but not to consider "banana" as a prerequisite to actually
rebuild apple.

In other words, if apple.file exists, orange.file exists, and
pineapple.file exists (and assuming that apple.file is the most
recent), I would want the words "Banana" printed, but not have to
rebuild apple.file.

I apologize if this is a little bit confusing.  I have read in the
gmake manual that there are "order-only-prerequisites", which are
almost perfect, except that I can't interleave their order with the
actual prerequisites.


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