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Re: Case-insensitive make ?

From: Guy Harrison
Subject: Re: Case-insensitive make ?
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 18:59:05 GMT
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Stan Brown wrote:

> Until recently I've been doing all my development on a Windows 98
> system. On that system, using a lower-case target in make matches
> an upper-case 8.3 filename in the file system.
> But I'm moving to a Windows XP system, and that's no longer the
> case, so none of my makefiles work. I could change them all, but
> that's kind of laborious and I wonder whether there's some
> directive I've overlooked that would just tell make to treat
> filenames case insensitively.

I don't think such an option exists. Your makefiles ought to work anyway
unless you've been inconsistent with naming. NTFS is case-preserving - it's
windows that's case-insensitive. In any case, a bit of script work could
fix those makefiles up or even search/replace in an editor.

Fwiw there is an option to enable case-sensitivity (for compatibility with
the NT posix subsystem) but you'll have to hunt around MSDN for it.
Conversely I've a vague recollection the reverse is possible (or perhaps
I'm confusing it with something in cygwin).

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