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Re: Case-insensitive make ?

From: Guy Harrison
Subject: Re: Case-insensitive make ?
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 06:58:24 GMT
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Stan Brown wrote:

> "Guy Harrison" wrote in
>>I don't think such an option exists. Your makefiles ought to work anyway
>>unless you've been inconsistent with naming. NTFS is case-preserving -
>>it's windows that's case-insensitive.
> But that's my problem -- Win XP appears to be case sensitive, at
> least sometimes.

NTFS is case preserving. Windows is case-insensitive. I gave you some hints
for (imo) very undesirable solutions. Even in commercial world, which can
impose bizarre requirements, I'd resign sooner than be told not to fix the
> For instance, under Win 98 I had a makefile called MAKEFILE. make
> found it with no trouble, though it was looking for makefile (lower
> case).
> But under Win XP, if I did
>     make /f makefile
> the makefile as not found, but if I did
>     make /f MAKEFILE
> it was found. I ended up doing
>     ren MAKEFILE makefile
> and then a simple
>     make again found the makefile.

You must be saying "foo" in one place and "FOO" in another. A well formed
makefile will work across the 9x <-> NT bridge. If that doesn't fix it, you
must show us - post the smallest snippet which fails for you.

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