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[Help-gnunet] two problems

From: Tracy R Reed
Subject: [Help-gnunet] two problems
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 18:28:28 -0700
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After a long time away I have decided to try GNUnet again. I am running
Debian unstable and ran into a problem getting it to compile. The testrsa
check would fail and the node would segfault when ran. I strace'd the
testrsa progam and it seemed to be getting hung up trying to talk to
/dev/random. However I noticed that there were deb's available for the
latest gnunet so I installed that and it worked just fine.

So now I have working gnunet binaries. But I cannot seem to stay connected
to any other GNUnet hosts. Sometimes I have around 10 or 20 connections
but 90% of the time I have no peers connected. I get lots of messages in
the logs like this:

Oct  4 18:12:51 WARNING: CRC failed from
6B6615255C1BFED189141EC50516B286AEE71FAC, msg ignored (wrong skey?)


Oct  4 08:34:14 WARNING: makeSesionKeySigned: cannot encrypt sessionkey,
other host not known!

I did copy a bunch of hosts from into
the data/hosts directory to get things started so perhaps that has
something to do with it.

Tracy Reed

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