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Re: NSUserDefaults

From: rpb
Subject: Re: NSUserDefaults
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 00:02:17 EDT

Thanks for the reply. I realize now, I was expecting the wrong behavior. 
The bit about not writing anything to a permanent domain was right.  I've
now got it figured to actually set defaults later in the code and it works.
But I've not figured out how to store a default color. placing a NSColor
directly in a defaults object seems to ruin .GNUstepDefaults.  Is there a
way to do this other than getting the RGB components and storing them as

Thanks for the help


PS I've got about 5 or 6 copies of most messaages on
GNUstep-Apps,Bug,Discuss, and help. Is everyone else having this problem?

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, address@hidden wrote:

> Hi Rob, as far as I can see, in your example you are only setting user
> defaults in the registration domain.  (when you use registerDefaults: you
> are sort-of-telling the library what defaults you want to be used if no
> other defaults are found on disk.  It's sort of low-priority defaults in
> a
> volatile domain which are used only if no 'real' defaults are set.  They
> are not saved to disk because they are not real defaults.).
> To set `real' defaults (the ones saved to disk) in your application, you
> may try doing something like the following (I just copy an example from
> - (void) set: (id)sender
> {
>  NSUserDefaults *ud = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
>   [ud setObject: [fingerCommand stringValue] forKey: @"FingerCommand"];
>   [ud setObject: [pingCommand stringValue] forKey: @"PingCommand"];
>   [ud setObject: [tracerouteCommand stringValue] forKey:
>       @"TracerouteCommand"];
> }
> <--><-->
> If you perfectly knew about the registration domain and that was not your
> problem, your problem could then be that in 0.6.6
> applicationWillTerminate
> is not correctly called.  This problem was recently fixed on CVS.
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