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Re: Building a library with tools that depend on it

From: Sébastien Pierre
Subject: Re: Building a library with tools that depend on it
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 11:51:45 +0100

Le lundi, 2 déc 2002, à 13:07 Europe/Paris, Nicola Pero a écrit :

Have a look on

there are two tutorials on writing gnustep makefiles (the first one, and the last one). A simple step by step tutorial is probably what you need.

Hi Nicola,

I read your cool tutorial with care, and it showed me the right way to do it. I still have a problem with my makefile: I am using the "single makefile scheme" (no recursive makefiles as you suggested), and I do not know how to express the dependencies between my tool and libraries.

Here are my targets:

LIBRARY_NAME = libPiranhas
libPiranhas_HEADER_FILES_INSTALL_DIR = /Piranhas
libPiranhas_HEADER_FILES = $(shell find Sources/Piranhas -name "*.h")
libPiranhas_OBJC_FILES = $(shell find Sources/Piranhas -name "*.m")

#The PingPongDemo
TOOL_NAME = PingPongDemo
PingPongDemo_OBJC_FILES = Sources/Demos/PingPongDemo.m
PingPongDemo_TOOL_LIBS += -lPiranhas

#The TaskEventDemo
TOOL_NAME = TaskEventDemo
TaskEventDemo_OBJC_FILES = Sources/Demos/TaskEventDemo.m
TaskEventDemo_TOOL_LIBS += -lPiranhas

And I want to indicate that libPiranhas must be built before the tools. Is there a variable I could set to do this ?


 -- Sébastien

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