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Re: gnustep make question

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: gnustep make question
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 10:40:45 +0100 (BST)

> I was trying to find information about these variables: xxx_RESOURCE_FILES, 
> xxx_LANGUAGES, and xxx_LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES. I couldn't find 
> anything specific in the documentation.

Good point.  I suppose we really need a gnustep-make reference manual.

> If I use the LANGUAGES and LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES variables, to manage 
> localizations, 
> I get warnings like this:
> Warning: English.lproj not found - ignoring
> Warning: Thai.lproj not found - ignoring
> Warning: German.lproj not found - ignoring
> because the .lproj direcectories reside in a subdirectory.

I see.  At the moment the code/API (which we "inherited" from previous
generations) assumes that the .lproj directories reside in the same
directory as the GNUmakefile.

Would it be worth to add something like a(n optional) xxx_LANGUAGES_DIR
variable, which, if set, causes .lproj directories to be looked up in that
directory (isntead of the directory the GNUmakefile is in) ?  I really
think we want to add it (and if so, I'll add it), but need to sleep on it
to be sure before doing it.

> It still works, despite the warnings, as long as the directories are 
> included in the RESOURCE_FILES variable too. 

Hmmm.  Yes, you are basically installing the directories manually.

And btw it might no longer work with the latest gnustep-make ... I now
realize there is a little mess there in the API which I need to think
about and clean - some people assume that if they add "xxx/yyy" to their
RESOURCE_FILES, the file will be copied into {bundle}/xxx/yyy; other
people assume that if they add "xxx/yyy" to their RESOURCE_FILES, the file
will be copied into {bundle}/yyy.  A few days ago I changed the behaviour
from installing into {bundle}/yyy to installing into {bundle}/xxx/yyy
after a bug report, but I'm no longer sure that was a great idea - I
hadn't realized the obvious - that other people might need {bundle}/yyy.  
Maybe we need two separate variables for the two behaviours.  Mumble

> If I don't use the LANGUAGES and LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES variables, and
> instead only add the .lproj directories to the RESOURCE_FILES variable,
> everything still appears to work fine, and I don't get the warnings. Is
> that a valid way to do things, or will I run into problems later? What
> advantages are there to using the LANGUAGES, and
> LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES variables, and keeping the .lproj directories
> in the root directory of your project?

I suppose that ... one point of view is that as soon as you get stuff
installed in the right place, no matter how you do it, it's Ok. :-)

I would say that LANGUAGES / LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES are useful mostly
because you list all the files in LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES (but just
once), and gnustep-make will implicitly check that all those files exist
for all the languages in which your application has been translated into
(and emit a warning if you forgot to localize one of the files in some
language).  This check might be useful.

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