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Re: DPSDoUserPath

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: Re: DPSDoUserPath
Date: 2 Jun 2003 23:14:34 -0400

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your mail and pointer to the test code, which obviously i
should study, and your offer to look into problems i might encounter
if i can't get enough speed with NSBezierPath or multiple calls to
DPSlineto.  I'm very far from this currently, but if i get to that
point i'll take you up on your kind offer.

I suppose that i should note for reference that, although it doesn't
affect the value of your code and advice (which i really appreciate),
the test application crashes with a relocation error (exit status 127
from openapp) if i press the draw button on the panel that comes up
when from the Test > Shaders menu item.  (The error message on my
setup is
relocation error:
undefined symbol: PSshfill.)

Thanks again for your help.


In article <address@hidden>,
Alexander Malmberg  <address@hidden> wrote:
>In most cases, yes. Backends should be smart enough to collect many
>calls into a few large messages if they need to send things somewhere.
>Thus, the individual DPS* calls should be relatively cheap. If they
>aren't cheap enough, and you can define the path in advance,
>GSSendBezierPath() might help.
>OTOH, if you need to define a path faster than NSBezierPath/DPSlineto et
>al will let you, DPSDoUserPath() could have provided more speed. If you
>do run into performance problems with path handling, send me the code
>with problems or some profiling data and I'll try to get rid of the
>worst bottlenecks.
>> Also, are there any examples of drawing applications (for GNUstep) that
>> i could take a look at?
>You could look at DPSTest:

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