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encoding problems

From: reuss
Subject: encoding problems
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 14:12:16 GMT
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i have an ascii textfile, delimited by '|', on the left side, there is
words that should be in latin1 encoding and the right side words that should be 
i read the entire file in an NSString (myString), and applied 
myArray=[myString componentsSeparatedByString: @"\n"];
for(i=0;i<[myArray count]; i++)
mySecondArray=[[myArray objectAtIndex:i]componentsSeparatedByString:
just to have separetly the two string and convert then to the encoding
myStringOne=[mySecondArray objectAtIndex:0];
myStringTwo=[mySecondArray objectAtIndex:1];
my problem is that if I nslog the following
I can see that I want to se (an unicode representation of the strings
in \Uxxxx format that I can put in myDict)

but if I nslog the following:
NSLog(@"address@hidden",myStringTwo, I can see something terrible.
= legyõz
in the ascci file, there are some characters in the latin2 side that I
want to replace with the 
myString=[myString stringByReplacingString: @"\U00f5" withString:
@"\U0151"); command (because in the text file, I could not use unicode
but with the stuff I can see with nslog, it is impossible

I tried
myStringTwo = [myStringTwo propertyList];
but then I only get the chars until the first accented characters
and tried too:
myStringTwo = [myStringTwo UTF8String];
and got:
= legyõz
and tried to 
NSData *d = [NSData dataWithBytes: "legyõz" length: 6];
NSString s = AUTORELEASE([[NSString alloc] initWithData: d encoding: 
but the 's' was always 'nil'

How can I convert it to format "legy\U00f5z" in that I could replace the
characters I want and permits me to put the whole stuff in myDict?

thanks again

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