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Re: Strange Segfaults over Colorspace

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Strange Segfaults over Colorspace
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 23:17:38 +0200
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Andre Masella wrote:
I have compiled GNUstep (several versions, currently, I am working
off the Oct4th daily). I can compile and install just fine, but every
application I run any application except NSScreenTest, it will fault.
The fault is always in _i_GSCalibratedRGBColor__colorSpaceName () from /opt/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/ . I
have recompiled repeatedly, tried patches and I have no idea. Is
there a way to fix this? Thanks.

Looks like you never did get a reply on this question. Sorry, it most have gotten drowned in the discusson threads. Chances are a lot better if you send something to the help or bug mailing list.

For your specific problem we would need more information to track down the problem. If you look a the the method where the segmentation fault was reported it is rather clear that the method itself cannot go wrong. So the problem must ly somewhere else. First thing to try is to recompile the whole of GNUstep with current CVS sources. Next you should try to run the application in debug mode, that is with debugapp instead of openapp. And backtrace the problem if it still occures. Than send this backtrace with some information about your GNUstep system and your machine to one of the lists.


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