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Re: problem in compiling in windows

From: Germán André Arias Santiago
Subject: Re: problem in compiling in windows
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 20:21:16 -0600

Hi. Well I'm not sure how work only with Objective-C. But, if you
install GNUstep (the installer are here You need do the fallow

1) Run GNUstep -> Shell. This make the directory GNUstep/home/usuario

2) Make a folder to your project. (for example

3) Make one file with this code 

        #include <Foundation/Foundation.h>
        #include <stdio.h>

        @interface Hello : NSObject
        +(const char*)world;

        @implementation Hello
        +(const char*)world
          return "Hello world !";

        int main(void)
          printf("%s\n", [Hello world]);
          return 0 ; 

save this file like, for example, example.m

4) Make a second file with this code

        include $(GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES)/common.make
        TOOL_NAME = example
        example_OBJC_FILES = example.m
        include $(GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES)/tool.make

save this file with the name GNUmakefile

5) In the shell (when you run the shell you are in the place
    cd example

this make the tool example int the folder obj inside the folder example.

6) Now you can run your program, in the shell

        cd obj

Hello world !

There are more information in

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