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Including headers from framework in other subproject

From: Joe Mattiello
Subject: Including headers from framework in other subproject
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 14:18:03 -0400


I've been working on the pbxbuild tool for a couple months now and I've hit a snag in how gnustep make handles Framework headers.

If I want to include the foo.h header from Foo.framework using <Foo/foo.h> in the parallel target bar_tool. It seems to me that GNUStep make a symlink in $GNUSTEP_LOCAL_ROOT/Library/Headers/Foo during the install phase for a framework project to get the <Dir/file> syntax to work with the Foo.framework/Headers/.. path system of frameworks.

What I want to do is link against and include the headers for a framework with in the same composite project. Let's say by doing something like,
ADDITIONAL_NATIVE_LIB_DIRS+=../Foo.framework where the built Foo.framework lives at ../Foo.framework/Foo.framework. As far as I know this doesn't let me include headers in the way one would expect. 

This makes it difficult to translate XCode projects where this behavior is supported. Any included framework may have its headers imported in the < / > syntax despite whether or not it's installed in the SDK paths.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work? Possibly I overlooked a GNUmakefile directive that does this already.

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