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[Help-gnutls] using serveral certificates on the server side

From: Florent Jugla
Subject: [Help-gnutls] using serveral certificates on the server side
Date: 20 Dec 2001 11:20:22 +0100


I am using the CVS version of GnuTLS.

- the server asks for a client authentication
- the server knows two CAs: ca1 and ca2 (I give them through a PEM
encoded file)
- the client knows one CA: ca1
- the server has got a ca1 signed certificate
- the client has got a ca2 signed certificate

I have the following problem: 
--> When doing the handshake, the connection to the server is refused
(code : -9).

When I just put one certificate (ca2) in the certificate file used by
the server, everything works fine.

It is like if the server did not use the second certificate when giving
it several certificates.

Have I got something wrong? thank you

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