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exception crash

From: John Max Skaller
Subject: exception crash
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 11:46:56 +1100
User-agent: Pan/0.13.3 (That cat's something I can't explain)

Using: g++ (GCC) 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5)
When throwing an exception:

#0  0xffffe002 in ?? ()
#1  0x42028a73 in abort () from /lib/tls/
#2  0x400b0b57 in __cxa_call_unexpected () from /usr/lib/
#3  0x400b0ba4 in std::terminate() () from /usr/lib/
#4  0x400b0d16 in __cxa_throw () from /usr/lib/
#5  0x0805ffd3 in xbase(char const*) ()

in a program compiled with -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer.
Without those options the program works. I would not
be surprised if the frame pointer is needed for exception
handling .. however this wasn't the case in trivial test
I constructed.. any ideas? 

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