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attribute on a static member of a template class

From: jinxidoru
Subject: attribute on a static member of a template class
Date: 5 May 2006 09:44:48 -0700
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Here is some example code:

template <typename T>
struct myclass
static void __attribute__((constructor)) do_me_first() { cout <<
"assert" << endl; }

So, I want to get the do_me_first method() to run for every version of
this template class that has been created.  Unfortunately, since I
never call do_me_first() the compiler never actually builds it  into
the object files, so it does not get called.  In fact, it doesn't even
exist in the file.  If I call do_me_first() explicitly elsewhere, then
the method gets called at the beginning of execution properly.  Is
there any way that I can force gcc include a template without calling
it explicitly?  I was thinking that there might be an attribute or

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