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Re: how does template<template<...> op> function(op<...>) work?

From: Piotr Sawuk
Subject: Re: how does template<template<...> op> function(op<...>) work?
Date: 14 Aug 2007 22:43:55 GMT

In article <address@hidden>,
        address@hidden (Piotr Sawuk) writes:
> Iis there some problem with type-matching of template template-parameters?
> Is there any error/misunderstanding on my side?
> In g++ 4.1.2 I get "no matching function for call to ... operator="
> when I compile "o=o*i;" with
> #include <algorithm>
> template<typename iter_, typename val_>
> struct stl_algorithm_class
> {//class encapsulating all stl-algorithms operating on iterator-ranges...
>       template<class op_,typename iter2_=iter_>
>       class stl_binary_operation

OK, never mind, it seems to be merely a bug of g++, as the errors mysteriously
disappeared after I moved the class-definitions out of stl_algorithm_class.
so, not template<template was the problem, but telling g++ that I wish to
access a class-definition within another class seems to be impossible when
templated templates are involved...
Better send the eMails to, as to
evade useless burthening of my provider's /dev/null...


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