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[Help-gsl] sphPlm problem

From: Zine Smith
Subject: [Help-gsl] sphPlm problem
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 10:54:26 -0800 (PST)

In writing a piece of software that utilizes spherical
harmonics, thus gsl_sf_legendre_sphPlm, I encountered
a problem that I can't run down in the documentation
or otherwise.  sphPlm is returning nan.  The important
section of the code is below along with the output. 
I'm on a Linux using gcc.
   double phi = gsl_vector_get(position,1);
   double sinPhi = gsl_sf_sin(phi), rsphPlm = 0.0;    
   for (n=2;n<=nMax;n++)
      for (m=0;m<=n;m++)
         rsphPlm = gsl_sf_legendre_sphPlm
         printf("phi: %g  sin(phi): %g  L(sin(phi)):


phi: 8.71031e-11  sin(phi): 8.71031e-11  L(sin(phi)):

Thanks for your help

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