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[Help-gsl] Re: for those who care about siman

From: Marco Maggi
Subject: [Help-gsl] Re: for those who care about siman
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 23:39:33 +0100

"Jakub Narebski" wrote:
>I wonder if it would be possible to implement ASA
>(Adaptive Simulated Annealing) algorithm:

An implementation is already available for free, so maybe it is
enough to cite it in the documentation as an alternative?

>in GSL... I couldn't get GSL siman to work as I wanted...

The GSL siman is simple, which is good for me. When there are
already big and tested libraries, why duplicate them? Example:
why put a genetic algorithms library in GSL when there is


Marco Maggi

"Now feel the funk blast!"
Rage Against the Machine - "Calm like a bomb"

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