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[Help-gsl] Multiset Functionality

From: Benjamin Blumer
Subject: [Help-gsl] Multiset Functionality
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 15:43:31 -0600
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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to the mailing list. I'm working on my honours thesis in Quantum Computing. I'm writing a numerical program for it.

For my program I need to find combinations from 1 to N where N is variable. I need all combinations and multisets of size 4. (Example" combination: 0, 1,5,N-1. or multiset 0,1,1,4). In short I need the gsl_multiset.h functionality described here: But when I try to compile my program I get the error " error: gsl/gsl_multiset.h: No such file or directory". However I do have the GSL library installed correctly.

I've had no problems using any other GSL functions including the similar gsl/gsl_combination.h. I've checked the directory /usr/include/gsl that contains all the other GSL headers- there simply is no "gsl_multiset.h". I've checked in synaptic package manager (Ubuntu) and my version of "libgsl0-dev" and "libgsl0ldbl" is 1.13+dfsg-1. It says this is the newest version. Under the details for the library shown in GSL this particular file is not shown.

In my googling I came across this: saying that the multiset function was just being added to version 1.13. Does this mean that manual's webpage was updated before the library ? Is there anyway I can find and add the gsl_multiset header without waiting for the newest version of GSL? This is really a show stopper for my project. Alternatively, can anyone suggest any other library that has similar multiset functionality?

Thanks so much,

Benjamin Blumer

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