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Re: /proc and other Linuxisms

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: /proc and other Linuxisms
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 00:35:45 +0100 (CET)

> The Hurd has much better interfaces to get this info (the process message
> port, and the Hurd libps library for example).


BTW, nothing prevents you from collecting as much infos as possible
from the Hurd servers (e.g. through libps) and present them
in a hurdisch /proc-like FS. This is completely user-land and
can be done by every user. This is what the Hurd is all about,
after all ;)

> > The list archive also shows post regarding a Linux binary emulation layer? 
> > Has
> > there been any work on it? Any pointers?
> There are several layers.  For example, we already use the same object
> format (ELF).  Then, we can provide the same glibc ABI (currently we don't,
> though) in the future, which allows programs that only use glibc to access
> the system's functionality to run directly on the Hurd without emulation.

What would be _exactly_ needed to get a dynamically linked linux app
run under the Hurd? I'm really curious here!

> At a deeper level, we can redirect kernel traps (Linux syscalls) to a
> special port that can then emulate them.  The support for this is in Mach,
> you just need to use it.  This would usually happen by LD_PRELOADING a
> special emulation library into the binary, which would set this up.

Yes, that is true. Such an emulation library would be much easier
to write than libmachemu+Lites from the original Helander paper,
because it can rely on a working POSIX (Hurd-)glibc to do the
dirty work: This emulation library would mostly redirect linux
syscalls to glibc calls with tailored parameters. Some special
cases will need to be taken care of, probably in something like
a Linux-Kernel-Task, but for the vast majority of apps, simple
redirection to Hurd-glibc would be IMHO all that is needed.


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