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Hird - was Re: concerning installation of hurd;request from Norway

From: Grant Bowman
Subject: Hird - was Re: concerning installation of hurd;request from Norway
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 19:05:04 -0700
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* Grant Bowman <address@hidden> [021011 12:59]:
> * Tom Hart <address@hidden> [021010 13:10]:
> > sigbj-st wrote:
> > >HIRD..(of unix replacing daemons) is a Norwegian word,with 2
> > >applications, by the way.I will come back to this only if you are 
> > >interested.
> > 
> > Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm interested.
> >
> I am as well.

Wow, can I get permission to post this on the Hurd wiki?  This is
definately worth looking into!

-- Grant Bowman                                <address@hidden>

----- Forwarded message from THOMAS EDWARD HART <address@hidden> -----

From: sigbj-st <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Subject: RE: concerning installation of hurd;request from Norway
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 17:03:14 +0200
Message-id: <address@hidden>
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Sender: sigbj-st <address@hidden>

Mr.Hart, I have received Your advice and will try it out.Thank you for a quick
reply to my e-post.
Concerning the name Hurd and its derivative "Hird of Unix-replacing...." so
much is to be said about this:
I presuppose that the old nordic term "hird" is the original.But this
R.Stallman - or whoever coined the name - may just have "invented" it due to
peculiarities of the pronounciation:
Hurd -> the "u" pron. like in "bUrden", Hird -> pron. like the "i" in "bird".
If this is the case(I am not that good in english) I am far out in my
Here we go: Suffice it to say that HIRD means "the kings men",a name given to
the men accompanying the norwegian kings at about year 1000 and on.The hird
just a few people, not an army,but could be quite a few - just like the
or the servers running on top of the Mach-?-kernel.The king needed them.They
were armed people,advicers,servants and so on,because the king on his journeys
needed people usually residing in his castle for the daily tasks and their
threads (I am into Mach right now,got it?).
Early in the previous century a norwegian called V.Quisling - working in
different foreign affairs in Norway,formed a party with nationalistic traits
which was quite common at that time in Europe.All political parties have their
people for different tasks,this one too,and Quisling called his helpers HIRD,
because they wanted national,nordic ideas rather than foreign.Nothing wrong
with that.The Americans also want the American "stuff" and to give honour to
As the 2.World War gradually evolved the HIRD gradually became a symbol of
collaboration with the enemy - the Germans.This is the second application
of this word HIRD.(The right pronounciation is "heerd",with all konsonants
pron.,the "r" not an American "r" and the "ee" like in "freeze".)
To day as the neonazism is evolving more and more clearly in Norway and Europe
in total,the word HIRD has about the same sound as the name Quisling (just a
Norwegian last name)because of what happened around World War II.

I think it is enough,so far,
Sincerely, Sigbjorn Storset.

>===== Original Message From address@hidden =====
>Here's my personal, just-my-opion, advice.
>sigbj-st wrote:
>> I am about to try an installation og the gnu-hurd with your mach
>> In this respect I ask for the following:
>> Which way do You recommend this to be done?
>> 1. Through the base tar.ball described in
>>    In case: where do I find the floppy-image for the grub-boot described
>>    at be downloaded from
>>    Here are several tar.gz;which one is the floppy-image.
>> 2. Through the debian/gnu/hurd CD.iso image of approx.650MB?
>>    I have downloaded this one from the
>>    and is about to burn a CD of it.
>For your first GNU/Hurd installation, the Debian CD's are easier, since
>they do a lot of the work for you. Also, if you use the CDs, then you've
>got all the apps you'll need right there, which is nice if you have any
>problems getting the network up or anything. :-)
>> I have on my machines Debian-Gnu-Linux and Suse7.3-gnu-linux.
>You'll save yourself a lot of headache if you make your Debian box
>dual-boot between GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd.
>> HIRD..(of unix replacing daemons) is a Norwegian word,with 2
>> applications, by the way.I will come back to this only if you are
>Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm interested.
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>    /                                               |
>   /  Tom Hart                                      |
>  |   address@hidden                          |
>   \  "rmTFM - Build consistent interfaces."        |
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