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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] beta critics

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] beta critics
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 21:44:08 +0200 (CEST)
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On Tue, October 20, 2009 8:08 pm, Kasper Hviid wrote:
> About the Respawn Delay, I think the game actually works fine as it is.
> However, since the games major feature is "power to the user", it should
> be
> possible for users to adjust this setting too.
> Anyway, here's my own criticism ... I'm using Windows Vista. (Hey,
> has anyone tried LW6 on Windows 7?)
I did. 3 minutes ;)

> What does a button with the text "Use XML files" mean? Will clicking the
> button cause XML files to be used, or does the text indicate the current
> status?
> I would prefer that it was toggled like this:
>  [v] Use XML files
>  [ ] Use XML files
OK, you mark the point.

> Alternatively, it could be written to indicate that the text descripes the
> current status: "XML files enabled" / "XML files disabled"
That's a good short term solution, rename labels so that they use a sort
of "passive form" such as "this is settled" instead of "settle this".

> I have never understood the difference between rules.xml and hints.xml
I'll try and explain that. Probably requires time. In fact as a map
designer you probably just don't care, but for me it's important to have
them separated. Mixing rules with hints would lead to confusion in the
long term.

> The keyboard don't work in the menu. (may be a larger discussion: how
> should
> the keyboard be used in the game?)
huh? My keyboard works like a charm (at least with the current 0.0.8beta
WIP, but I haven't changed much on this aspect...)

> When I tries to drag the LW6 window around, the game frezes. (no big deal
> now, but might be trouble in online games, which shouldn't be interrupted)
OK, I see. Well, I should make a real test and see if the game is really
interrupted or if it keeps going in the background. You know, with this
multithreading stuff, display can freeze while things keep on going ;) I
should check that but it requires time to make a complete test. Not my
priority anyway given the fact there's no network yet and I'm 100% sure on
GNU/Linux there's no such freeze.

BTW with the latest code one can resize the window on the fly, the OpenGL
context isn't lost anymore. Well, it's lost in fact but I recreate
textures on-the-fly ;)

Have a nice day,


Christian Mauduit <address@hidden> - ___ __/\__
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