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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] New level xml's

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] New level xml's
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 22:58:07 +0100 (CET)
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On Sat, November 28, 2009 12:43 am, Kasper Hviid wrote:
> I accidently deleted my feedback to your feedback ... here it is again:

> CASE B: The designer has found out which values fits the level best. By a
> coincidence, this happens to be the same as the default value. I think it
> make sense to re-define to default here, since it is the exact values we
> wants, not whatever the default happens to be.
> I don't mind deleting the properties, if this is more correct.
If you're in case B, sure, don't delete them, keep them.

> I think I understand the idea -- if you change one value, the other values
> will adjust themselves to keep the relationship intact.
> The xml values is already in relation to each other:
>   <int key="fighter-attack" value="1200"/>
>   <int key="fighter-defense" value="250"/>
>   <int key="fighter-new-health" value="5000"/>
>   <int key="fighter-regenerate" value="5"/>
> All we need is a <bool key="keep-relations" value="true"/> which tells the
> engine to adjust the other values when one is changed. Of course, this
> will
> only work if the player change one value from inside the game.
> It could be good for xml testing to be able to change one property and
> have
> all the other properties adjust to it. I have a bit of mixed feelings for
> this one. I don't like that it adds more tech stuff that level designers
> has
> to understand. Also, I would feel like I was no longer in control if I
> used
> it. On the other hand I don't feel I completely understand the concept ...
> and it do sounds quite innovative!
OK, until I find a way to present this so that it's *simpler* than the
current way, I just don't change anything. The main goal would be to
simplify things, not make them worse ;)

> I really like aggressive colors, but you are right - it makes sense to use
> more discrete colors for the menu.
BTW, your taste for "aggressive colors" is not very surprising, coming
from someone who, in the first place, got somewhat interested in LW5 ;)

> That sounds logical. It is a bit hard to understand the actual effects of
> those nb-something-tries, so sometimes I just change them to see what
> happens. That is how I discovered the relationsship between the fuzzyness
> of
> the army and nb-defense-tries
Yeah, and there still might be some adjustments. I mean, the "spirit" of
the parameters will remain the same, but how they actually condition the
fighters' moves might change a bit over time.

> Tried it, seems cool
mmm, BTW, I think if you send another update of your XML file, I'll just
ship that as 0.0.8beta.

> Done! But shouldn't <int key="fighter-regenerate" value="500"/> give quite
> a
> bit of healing in time? What am I missing?
huh, I guess you're right.

> I can't really decide which one should be the default map. But you're
> right,
> it is an important decision, also because it will be the players first
> impression of the game.
> On the same note, it is important how we descripe the gameplay. The words
> we
> use are likely to be copypasted. Do we talk about pixels, blobs, liquid,
> armies, fighters or particles? "You control an army of liquid and have to
> try and eat your opponents." is quite good, I think.
This is my initial formulation. I happen to like the description given on
Wikipedia as well. I tend to think I'm not well placed to describe my own
game, an external opinion is a must-have, for that matter.

> Good idea.
> You are right, we do need a few more open-level maps. Maybe we should use
> some of the extra levels such as acadia, darkness, fish or into-the-void
> for
> the main package.
Probably. I've updated the snapshot generator. Hopefully, tomorrow
(monday) there will be an extra-map snapshot as well. This might help you.


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