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[Help-liquidwar6] (no subject)

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: [Help-liquidwar6] (no subject)
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 15:49:39 +0200 (CEST)
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Yes, finally, it's ready. It's currently uploading on:

I hope files will be there soon (needs time to be synced accross mirrors).

Quoting the NEWS file:

* July 2010: release of 0.0.8beta. Game is now packaged for
  GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS/X. Has a  bunch of
  new features including multiple layers, auto speed-calibration,
  a (totally useless!) splash screen and comes with some music.
  Network still not working, but getting closer and closer.

For those who used the snapshots lately, nothing really new, those still
on 0.0.7beta will be able to test latest features like multilayer maps.

One thing -> I switched to git instead of arch as a source manager. So you
might argue "yeah, who cares?". Well, the point is there's a rather
intuitive web interface to git available on:

This allows you to track code updates, the commit log is a must have.

Still, beware, files available for download there (snapshots) look like
they are official tarballs but... they aren't, they are raw images of the
source tree, this is not what an end user wants. I just didn't expect cgit
would pick up the version number from my tag and offer the tarball for
download. Too clever a software ;)

As usual there's something wrong in these packages (grrrr...) which I
discovered when the package generation was so deeply engaged I didn't feel
like going back... It's that the default map I chose is, for some reason,
*the* map on which auto-speed calibration doesn't work. This is annoying
for it gives an impression of lag, non-responsive mouse, and it's the
first thing people will see when trying the game. Well, not quite, but
it's annoying. Will do better next time.

Have a nice day,


Christian Mauduit <address@hidden> - ___ __/\__
Liquid War 6 -      / _")\~ \~/
"Les amis de la vérité sont ceux qui la cherchent et non _/ /   /_ o_\
ceux qui se vantent de l'avoir trouvée" - Condorcet     (__/      \/

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