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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Web page, team profiles, weapons & voxels

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Web page, team profiles, weapons & voxels
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2011 17:44:16 +0200

2011/9/4 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
> Hi,
> Le 03/09/11 20:22, Kasper Hviid a écrit :
>> Hello again!
>> Christian, I still haven't got that final website worked out, but in
>> the meantime heres some quick feedback. I'm truly impressed by your
>> recent activity ... wave effects, respawn-delay ... amazing! :-O
> Attached a capture of the wave effect (not very impressive in static mode,
> but well...) and the wrap/polarity mode enabled on X-axis. Still needs some
> debugging as scrolling is still broken in some ways, but I do hope it will
> be OK for 0.0.11beta.

Thanks, it looks cool!

> A voxel map will always look
> "as good" from any angle. And, if we have (I said "if") a voxel engine for
> LW, then we can view the map at any angle, have the camera rotate, zoom,
> whatsoever.
> (...)
> Additionnally, using nice voxel sprites might actually allow us to
> *downscale* maps. Let me explain: today a 320x180 map (the logicial one)
> might look pixelized, and naturally, the game tries to push the resolution
> to the maximum, resulting in melting CPUs and choppy animation. But the
> reality is that game is fun in 160x90, only finer resolution is here for eye
> candy, except on some very peculiar maps, but generally speaking, more than
> 100 000 points/squares in a map is just too much. So if we have a 320x180
> map with voxel fighters, thenin a global view, with the perspective and
> such, we can imagine the closest fighters take something like 10x10 pixels,
> and the farest ones 2x2 pixels. This is very fine, the fighters in the back
> are mere points, the ones in the front appear with detail, that's all we
> want. And if you zoom, you can see the fight is hard between real fighters,
> the idea is to give the impression of a massive battle with many contenders,
> which is not only an impression, it's what LW really is, only current
> renderer doesn't show this obviously.
> Makes sense?

Makes perfect sense!

The only obstacle is that all the current levels are exactly as 2D as
the sprites you mentioned. They are not compatible with your 3D
vision. Some new artwork would need to be created, either using
voxels, or with bitmap, using a fake 2½D technique like this:

>> The upload also contains a new fumes.png with a mirrored sky theme,
>> created with widescreen monitors in mind.
> Does that mean there's something special to do in "widescreen" mode, do you
> think I should check for some width/height ratio before using this?

I'm not sure what you asking, but the texture should look okay, at
least it did on my machine.

The game engine takes fumes.png and resizes it to the size of the game
window, ignoring its original aspect ratio. For this reason, I have
adjusted fumes.png so that it looks best with a aspect ratio of 16:9,
which is somewhat mainstream.

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