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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Work in progress, again

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Work in progress, again
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 08:11:46 +0100
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> Hey, good thinking! I'm currently trying to design the characters, by the
> way. So if anybody has any character suggestions, this is the time to share
> them! I'll try to keep the names from the fan fiction, even though there's
Well, one idea I have: for the orange, make this a female character, it should
IMHO help you get rid of your "agent orange" image/problem.

> the question about purple/violet and cyan/turquise. Also I think I will
I've been thinking of this, I really prefer turquoise over cyan and violet
over magenta. But you know kasper, just pick out the colors that make a nice
consistent set of characters, I'll modify the code if needed, we won't do this
twice a year so it's not such a real problem. What I can't do is change and
change and change again. Changing once is fine.

Have a nice day,


> change "Commander Orange" to King or something else. The previous name kind
> of made me think of Agent Orange, and I'd like to keep LW hermetic
> seperated from any reference to real war. (I feel I'm a bit hysterical here
> ... on the other hand, if I can make that connection, other players might
> too.)
>> I note your remark about not being able to move mouse on a menu item
>> without
>> clicking on it. What alternative can we have? Have an intermediate screen?
> It might be possible for the touchscreen user to just keep the finger down
> on the screen and scroll over the level menu items, thus getting the
> preview effect. Then, when he removes the finger, the level is selected.
> We could also have some sort of two-click solution, where you have to first
> click on the level menu item to select it, and then click on a PLAY menu
> item. I think it could work, but it might seem a bit cucumbersome. I
> personally hate it when the GUI on PC games are limited by the input device
> of the console system the game was designed for ... or in this case, the
> mobile telephone.
>> maybe present "up/down" buttons next to the "back" button, or maybe more at
>> the bottom (I suspect buttons on top are cumbersome for your hand hides the
>> screen if your finger is on top).
> I think it feels more natural that the up/down buttons are close to the
> botton list they are refering to. I did consider if we could place the
> up/down icon to the left of the menu items, to save vertical space, but I
> couldn't figure out how to make it look cool. (About up/down, maybe it
> should just be one-click instead of mouseover-to-scroll. So the user clicks
> it and scrolls to the next X menu items.)
> About the menu, I have sized it up to normal:
> The same, but with the preview moved to the upper area:
>  - Kasper
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