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Re: "Batch-Mode" rules with Microsoft compile

From: John Skiff
Subject: Re: "Batch-Mode" rules with Microsoft compile
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 12:19:40 -0500

CXX = Cl
CXXFLAGS = -GR -vmm -D_MT -Zi -Od -D_DEBUG -MTd -GZ -FD -I../include

ifndef CCSRC
CCSRC := $(wildcard *.cpp)

ifndef CCOBJ
CCOBJ := $(CCSRC:%.cpp=%.obj)

LINKOPTIONS =/nologo /machine:ix86 

ev_addpath.exe: $(CCOBJ)
        link $(LINKOPTIONS) /out:ev_addpath.exe $(CCOBJ) \
        authfake.lib evobj7.lib evutil7.lib

        $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -c $?
        touch $(CCOBJ)

addPathData.cpp: ../include/evSysDep.h ../include/evutil.h
../include/EarthVision.h ../include/evGeoSpace.h ../include/evObj.h
../include/evError.h ../include/evWellObj.h ../include/evObject.h

ev_addpath.cpp: ../include/evSysDep.h ../include/evutil.h
../include/EarthVision.h ../include/evGeoSpace.h ../include/evObj.h
../include/evError.h ../include/evLicense.h ../include/evWellObj.h
../include/evObject.h ../include/evSQL.h

The above is modified and boiled down.  With the above changing an
include file doesn't cause the source to recompile for some reason.


P.S.  All of .h files for each .ccp are on one line but they wrap in the

"Paul D. Smith" wrote:

> Can you show me an example of your makefile?
> You must be adding the headers as prerequisites to the "all.os" (or your
> equivalent); that is clearly not right.  You don't want to rebuild the
> _header_ files if they change!
> You need to declare that the .c files depend on the .h files (normally
> this isn't the right thing to do, but in this case you'll have to do it
> that way).  Use an empty rule.  Then make will imagine that the .c file
> was modified whenever one of the headers was modified, and it will get
> rebuilt.
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