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deleting of the targets once interrupted.

From: bhaskar . g
Subject: deleting of the targets once interrupted.
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:00:07 +0000

Hi All,

I am using 3.79.1 on windows with cygwin and encountering the following problem.

my makefile implementation of generating dependency is something like this.

define makecdeps
$(strip $(subst $(_space_)\,$(_space_),$(shell $(GCC) -M $(_SDE_GCC_COPTIONS) 

define dependencies
$(patsubst %.o:,$(@:.d=.$(obj)):,$(if $(filter %.c,$<),$(makecdeps))

define run_deps
$(_SDE_ECHO)$(ECHO) Making dependencies for $(notdir $<) ...; \
if [ ! -d $(dir $@) ]; then $(MKDIR) -p $(dir $@); fi; \
$(ECHO) '$@ \'>$@
@$(if $(findstring :,$(dependencies)), $(foreach file,$(dependencies),$(ECHO) 
'$(file) \'>>$@ ;),$(ECHO) ': \'>>$@ ;)
@if [ ! -s $@ ]; then $(RM) -Rf $@; fi

%.d: %.c

When i try to generate the dependency and i would like to interrupt gmake by 
ctrl-c. The following happens
it pops a message saying that deleting <filename>.d file but the file is still 
present and with some of the contents.

Do anyone have any idea what is being done.


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