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upper/lowercase filenames under MINGW

From: Graff_Zoltan
Subject: upper/lowercase filenames under MINGW
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 15:06:01 +0200
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I'm using make (3.79.1) under DOS (DJGPP), Linux and Mingw.
It works well (of course), but I have some problems in MINGW.

Every filename are UPPER case (files are on Netware drive, we have some
DOS clients, they make UPPERcase filenames). Under Linux I can set up
ncpfs to show the filenames on the netware drives in lowercase.
Under WinXp I cannot do that.

In a huge project I'd like to use
  $(OBJDIR)/%.o: %.c
but it doesnt work in MINGW, because of upper/lowercase diference.

Under MINGW some rules can handle upper/lowercase filenames well
(x1.0: x1.c), some rules cannot (%.o: %.c).

I made a very simple example to demonstrate it.

'make x1.exe' works, but 'make x2.exe' doesn't work under MINGW.

The X1.C and X2.X files (note UPPERCASE filenames) contains the same:
   int main() { return 0; }

The makefile contents:


# It works
x1.o: x1.c
        @echo C: $@ - $<
        @$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $<

x1.exe: x1.o
        @echo L: $@ - $<
        @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $? -o $@

# does'n work
%.o: %.c
        @echo C: $@ - $<
        @$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $<

x2.exe: x2.o
        @echo L: $@ - $<
        @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $? -o $@

What can I do?
Zoltan Graff

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