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Re: Parallel Make

From: Noel Yap
Subject: Re: Parallel Make
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 11:16:17 -0500
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What about "--jobs=4"?  I'd suspect it should behave similarly, but it's worth 
testing out.

If it does behave the same, it's possible that the option parser sometimes 
stops parsing when it sees an argument not starting with '-'.  Without looking 
at the code, I wouldn't know why this happens only sometimes.


Ken Smith wrote:

Yes I have tried -j4.  The behavior is exactly the same.


Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Ken Smith wrote:

However, that part of the discussion was an aside and my real concern is that I was actually giving an argument to -j which was ignored. It is not always ignored but in 10 builds it was ignored 5 times. When "-j 4" is the first argument on the command line it never happens. When it appears after a variable assignment it happens occasionally. Any ideas?

    Sounds like a bug on GNU makes' command line parser, have you tried
always passing the option as "-j4" instead of "-j 4" ?


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