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Re: forcing a rule

From: Noel Yap
Subject: Re: forcing a rule
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 14:08:35 -0500
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Boris Kolpackov wrote:

I didn't notice significant downside but it is not free either. Patch
makes make variable-expand implicit rule's prerequisites for every
time there is a match (but not every time implicit rule is tried).
Since most rules don't use double expansion this second expansion is just an additional search in a (usually) not very long string for '$'. I use it extensively in my build system to build directories and it works really well.

I don't suppose it should break any existing makefiles, either.  Can you 
foresee any situations which will break after installing the patch?

Have you submitted the patch to the GNU make project (via I believe)?

Well, I found this to be pretty useless. I submitted a patch for $(lastword ) which is a very simple patch with a very straightforward
(IMO) argumentation and there is a precedent ( $(firstword) ). Since
I submitted it a few months ago I never heard a word back. Also, I saw a far more bizarre features added to make meantime (like SysV $$@ & friends) so it makes me wonder...

I understand that Paul has put a hold on any new functions since he's trying to 
get Guile as _the_ scripting language within makefiles so I can understand why 
lastword, useful as it is, didn't make the cut.

So I started my own patch-set with hope that if more people find it
useful we will be able to get it into official make.

IME with patches for CVS, this has more of a chance (although certainly no 
guarantee) of working if there's a discussion about the feature.

Has this feature been discussed on this list?

I haven't seen anybody express interest in such a feature (until now)
so there was no point in discussion.

There sure is :-)

Paul, in case you've missed this thread, essentially the patch being discussed 
will allow double evaluation of rules so that the following can be done:

  %/.: | $$(dir\ %).

What do you think about the feature?


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