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Re: error 127, but the command and path are valid

From: Levent Yilmaz
Subject: Re: error 127, but the command and path are valid
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:48:42 -0400
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Geronimo Ma. Hernandez wrote:


I tried to workout a Makefile and I get the following error:

$ make system

It is probably not a big deal but, what is this escape here?

make: /tools/scripts/ Command not found
make: *** [system_creatingdirs] Error 127

Your target and command has the same name (well except the prefix and the extension of the command)... Just a guess without any significant basis, probably not the solution here, but I would try changing one.

$ /tools/scripts/

The shellscript exists in the path and is accessible and executable, as well as all directories in the path. The error happens in a chroot-jail,

so the error does not happen everytime? Then the problem maybe your 'chroot jail', unless you apply it with cars. Quote from an article by Steve Friedl:

Once a running process executes chroot("/home /jail"), /home/jail
becomes "/," and for all intents and purposes, every file and
directory outside of /home/jail (including the true root directory
and true /home directory) no longer exist.

for the article see:

but I think as the lines above shown, the execution of the script works without error.

How could I get rid of the error?
Where to look for?
I'm trapped without any further idea.

Any hint is welcome.

Cheers Geronimo

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