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Re: var used by implicit rule

From: bertold
Subject: Re: var used by implicit rule
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 08:03:07 +0300
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Paul D. Smith wrote:

%% bertold <address@hidden> writes:

 b> Make does consider file produced by Bison to be intermediate,
 b> but i wrote implicit rule
 b> %.y
 b>        $(BS) $(BSFLAGS) $^
 b> where BSFLAGS is `-d' and it will produce 2 files: C and H.
 b> I tried
 b> but no use.

Well, sure.  You've never told make which rule is creating a .tab.h
file, or even that you're ever creating one at all!  How can it know
when it should delete a file it knows nothing about?

You need to tell make that the invocation of bison builds both those
files, like this: %.y
           $(BS) $(BSFLAGS) $^

Ok. So i fix it to
$(BS) $(BSFLAGS) $^

It is still deletes only C file.

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