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Re: Disabling a makefile template quickly

From: Ian Dunbar
Subject: Re: Disabling a makefile template quickly
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 11:44:13 +0900

Hi Alex,

   include $(TOPDIR)/MakeTemplate.exe


Sometimes I have to disable some of the MakeTemplates,
for example don't build the .exe type above. I wonder,
if there is a nice way to do that?

It's a bit hard to understand what you are trying to do exactly, but is it enough to just put the include statement inside of an ifndef? For example:

ifndef disable.exe
include $(TOPDIR)/MakeTemplate.exe

then you can stop including the template by setting the disable.exe variable, either in the Makefile, or from the command line e.g. make "disable.exe=1"

Best regards,

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