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Re: how to enforce ordering on a set of targets?

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: how to enforce ordering on a set of targets?
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 11:19:14 -0500

%% Noel Yap <address@hidden> writes:

  >>>> ok, here's what i'm doing in a bit more detail.  it's a recursive
  >>>> make, where i'm using a trick i saw (in the make manual, i think)
  >>>> that allows me to process subdirectories in parallel.  in
  >>>> slightly simplified form:
  >>> IIUC, this "trick" is no longer necessary.
  >> ok, i'm curious about this claim since i don't see how it can be
  >> avoided.

  ny> This is what I understood from:

I don't think that's correct.

The jobserver feature talks about parallelizing the builds of targets.
If you have a shell command with a shell loop in it, obviously make
cannot parallelize that: each pass through the loop will be done

Jobserver is cool, but it's not THAT cool! :-).

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