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Re: gcj inner class syntax sugar.

From: Steve Pribyl
Subject: Re: gcj inner class syntax sugar.
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 07:30:22 -0600
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Thanks Andrew and Paul,

Changing the names is not really an options as they are defined by the java 

I would prefer to compile the *.java files but I am trying to get around and gcj compiler problem.

I can compile the jar on a Linux but not solaris due to a emit bug.
I can't compile the *.java anywhere, due to a bug.
So I am trying to comprimise by compiling the java byte code.

But that is not really the problem at had.

A quick recap
The most annoying example is this
should compile to
and then get archived.

Makefile snipits.

    $(GCJ) -c -o '$@' $(GCJFLAGS) '$<'

    $(GCJ) -c -o '$@' $(GCJFLAGS) '$<'

GCJ_BOOT_JAVA_PARTS=$(shell find ../com -name "*.class")

libboot.a: GCJFLAGS=$(GCJFLAGS) -I.. -I. -I../../kernel $(OPTIMIZE_FLAGS)
libboot.a: $(GCJ_BOOT_PARTS) libboot.a($(GCJ_BOOT_PARTS))
        if [ "$(RANLIB)" ] ; then $(RANLIB) $@; fi


Steve Pribyl
Steve AT NetFuel dot com
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