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RE: real-time log

From: Joshi, Vikas
Subject: RE: real-time log
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 16:16:38 -0600

The output of the commands it's done executing. For example if one has

        command 1
        command 2
        command 3
        command 4

And if one invokes make target on the above file then make prints the
output to the standard output when it's completely done. If each of
those commands takes long time to complete then the user is left
guessing whether make is working or hung up. I am interested in knowing
whether make can print out the output of command 1 either as it is
executing that command  or right after it's done executing the command. 

I know that if I use redirection on each of those commands then I can
check the file in which the output is re-directed to see the progress of

I am interested in knowing if the same can be achieved for standard


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Subject: Re: real-time log

%% "Joshi, Vikas" <address@hidden> writes:

  jv> Is there a way for make to dump the log as it is done executing
  jv> the commands ? I mean if one has 10 commands under a target then
  jv> make dumps the log at the very end when its done. I am looking for
  jv> a way for make to dump the log for each of those commands as it
  jv> executes them.

I don't know what you mean by "dump the log".  What log?

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