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Make -l on AIX broken

From: Mathoora, Ashvin
Subject: Make -l on AIX broken
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 13:03:09 -0000

I've been trying to implement and include the BSD getloadavg on AIX 5.3,
as from the stock source tar ball make -l returns incorrect loadavg

I'm stuck on trying to figure out how to implement this external
function, I'm not a coder, just building this for as part of a larger

I keep coming across the situation that it will not pick up the function
from an external source.

I'm trying to compile make-3.80
AIX 5.3

I've tried fiddling with AC_GETLOADAVG etc and GETLOADAVG_LIBOBJ from
the autoconf side of things but still no luck

Has anyone else had any success in getting make -l to work on AIX ,
either with libraries from perfstat or the BSD getloadvg?

Any help much appreciated.


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