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Pattern rules without commands, does it make sense?

From: Leeuwesteijn,Joost
Subject: Pattern rules without commands, does it make sense?
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 11:08:37 +0200

Hi *,

>From chapter "Implicit Rule Search Algorithm":
"4. Remove from the list all rules with no commands."

Just to be sure: are pattern rules without commands totally useless?

I expected them to be 'incremental', just like normal rules. Normal rules
also continue when there are no commands. Like so:
foo%.o : bar%.c
# no commands here

%.o : %.c

Is the first rule useless? I expected (was hoping for):
- if the first rule matches (e.g. foo1.o,bar1.c) -> 
  there's no rule, continue with the matched data because not finished yet
- foo1.o,bar1.c also matches %.o:%.c ->
  this one does have commands -> compile

Instead I get "make: *** No rule to make target" :-(

Joost Leeuwesteijn

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