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Re: question about Generating Prerequisites Automatically

From: Lin George
Subject: Re: question about Generating Prerequisites Automatically
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 05:07:20 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you Paul!

I have read through the section you recomemnded. But I
can not find the definition of the intermediate file.
After reading this section, the definition of
intermediate file in my mind is,

temporary files created by implicit rules or chains of
implicit rules to build the targets.

Is that a correct understanding? Or the precise
definition of intermediate file is located somewhere
else in GNU make manual?


--- "Paul D. Smith" <address@hidden> wrote:

> %% Lin George <address@hidden> writes:
>   lg> Thanks Paul,
>   >> Read the section of the GNU make manual on
> intermediate files.
>   lg> I can not find a dedicated section dealing
> with intermediate files
>   lg> in the PDF GNU make manual. It is mentioned in
> page 107/108 from
>   lg> the Index of Concepts, but I can not find it.
> ??
> The concept index tells you exactly where to look. 
> Just go to the
> section referred to by the index.
>   lg> For a newbie of intermediate files, which
> section of
>   lg> GNU make manual should I read? Thanks.
> "Chains of Implicit Rules", which is where the index
> tells you to go.
> -- 
>  Paul D. Smith <address@hidden>          Find some
> GNU make tips at:
>  "Please remain calm...I may be mad, but I am a
> professional." --Mad Scientist

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