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Re: Feature request: list makefile targets

From: Francesco Montorsi
Subject: Re: Feature request: list makefile targets
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 23:23:02 +0200
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Paul D. Smith ha scritto:
%% Francesco Montorsi <address@hidden> writes:

fm> I couldn't find an option in my GNU make 3.81 to be able to print a fm> list of the targets declared in a Makefile.

You can use "make -p" and massage the output.
that's not very easy...

  fm> I think this option would indeed be very very useful and thus I
  fm> hope someone with better make-knowledge will implement it. If
  fm> noone is working on it, I'll have a look at GNU make sources ASAP
  fm> so that, if maintainers say that they will accept it, I can try to
  fm> make a patch.

This is on the TODO list.  I started to implement it back when I added
the .VARIABLES variable, but it turns out this is trickier to get right
than it seems up-front.
in this case I'll wait that you finish the work ;)

I just wanted to know if someone was already working on this.


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